Procurement – Strategic Business Partnership

November 10, 2014

Procurement, historically transactional and cost-focused, is transforming into a strategic advisory function that brings value far beyond cost savings. Procurement operations, of course, differ from company to company; the same as corporate culture and practices.  When Procurement is able to evolve their performance metrics beyond cost savings, there is great...

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Expatriate Social Networks and Online Communities

November 04, 2014

Building a new social network in the destination location is one of the most significant challenges facing an assignee/transferee (“expat”) and their family. The company mobility team can support their expats by ensuring they are aware of the various offerings of public social networks and online communities. ...

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10 Key Foundational Check Points for a Relocation Policy

October 13, 2014

Whether you are developing a policy for the first time or conducting a current domestic, international or global policy review --information secured from these questions gives you an effective starting point.

  1. Where are your current/future work locations?
  2. Why/when do you relocate people?
  3. What type of relocations do you have / expect?
  4. What...

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