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We help HR Relocation teams build their expertise and expand their capacity. Instead of spending time and resources training and retraining new employees, our team of relocation professionals will help you meet your goals with efficiency as our top priority.

HR&Relo Advisors specializes in providing “as needed” relocation expertise and resources to meet your business objectives with objective views and experience partnering with HR, Procurement, Finance, Compliance, and Operations. With over 25 years in global relocation, we complement and maximize your team’s efforts.

Foundational Relocation Support

For companies with limited or no relocation expertise, HR&Relo Advisors offers a knowledgeable, experienced staff to assist with foundational services. Here’s when we can help:

  • If you find yourself in a new business situation (e.g. expansion, merger/acquisition, consolidation, change of business location, or inability to hire locally) and you need to relocate existing workers or new hires.
  • If you are “entering new territory” (e.g. supporting a large US domestic workforce and expanding internationally).
  • If you already support a small mobile workforce and find it difficult to staff activities beyond the day-to-day operation.
  • If you are struggling with getting candidates to accept the move.
  • If you need a trusted “go-to" resource for specific questions or issues.
Critical Mobility Projects

You and your team need to stay focused on day-to-day responsibilities. Whether you have small or large mobile employee populations, like most companies you lack the expertise and/or time to address non-routine, crucial business needs.

HR&Relo Advisors’ Procurement, Performance and Competitive Benchmarking services are ideal when you need supplemental expertise and objective data. Here’s when we can help:

  • If you are looking to conduct an RFI or RFP for US domestic and/or global mobility services, we can quickly integrate with your team and take on all or any aspect of this project.
  • If you are looking to secure and evaluate the marketplace competiveness of your relocation policy.
  • If you are having relocation supplier issues and want to have an objective perspective and methods for course correction.

Whether your need is for foundational relocation support or for additional resources to lead or assist with periodic, critical mobility project, HR&Relo Advisors is here to serve as an extension to your US domestic and/or global relocation team, bringing expertise and objectivity.

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What others are saying about us
"Thank you for the great work your did on our domestic policy review and RFP.....the expertise of your team saved us a lot of time and money.”
- Relocation Manager, Major Grocery Store Co.
"Your knowledge and guidance in evaluating the pros and cons of moving our customer services department out of Ohio was invaluable”
- HR Manager, Manufacturing and Distribution Co.
"Your leadership of our recent comparative study of relocation services was truly exemplary. Your delivery of a quality product, given the urgent timeframe and complexity of this project, was remarkable. You brought custom, client-centric flexibility that is second to none”
- Global Mobility Manager, Global Information Technology Co.