HR&Relo Advisors provides global relocation business consulting services. The professional services team works collaboratively with HR, Sourcing, and other department stakeholders to bring needed and specialized relocation management and industry expertise, as well as to provide the “heavy lifting”. The objectives are to save the client’s internal time and resources by expediting the process and maximizing the end results to meet and exceed company objectives.

HR&Relo Advisors works with each client to chart a custom plan and scope of work focused on the client’s objectives, including the assignment of responsibilities between internal stakeholders and HR&Relo Advisors. A proposed Scope of Work, Time-Line and Pricing will be presented for the final review and selection process.

Services to be performed are client-customized, mutually agreed upon, and specifically detailed in a Consulting Scope of Services. Services are most typically project based, or, in certain situations where ongoing work is performed, a monthly retainer is established.

Clientele and business relationships include HR VPs and Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, representing a cross-section of industries and business footprints from small, medium, and large US, domestic-only companies to large multi-national organizations. References will be furnished upon request.

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What others are saying about us
"Thank you for the great work your did on our domestic policy review and RFP.....the expertise of your team saved us a lot of time and money.”
- Relocation Manager, Major Grocery Store Co.
"Your knowledge and guidance in evaluating the pros and cons of moving our customer services department out of Ohio was invaluable”
- HR Manager, Manufacturing and Distribution Co.
"Your leadership of our recent comparative study of relocation services was truly exemplary. Your delivery of a quality product, given the urgent timeframe and complexity of this project, was remarkable. You brought custom, client-centric flexibility that is second to none”
- Global Mobility Manager, Global Information Technology Co.