10 Key Foundational Check Points for a Relocation Policy

October 13, 2014

Whether you are developing a policy for the first time or conducting a current domestic, international or global policy review --information secured from these questions gives you an effective starting point.

  1. Where are your current/future work locations?
  2. Why/when do you relocate people?
  3. What type of relocations do you have / expect?
  4. What is your mobile employee (transferee) profile?
  5. What is the “skill value” of these transferees?
  6. What is your overall benefit / reward philosophy? 
  7. What is your philosophy regarding relocation support benefits?
  8. What level of benefits is needed to be competitive for recruiting and relocating in your industry?
  9. What is your experience (and results) with relocating staff to date?
  10. List one or more credible resource(s) available to you for Q&A, data, options, guidance.
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