6 Tips for a Successful RFP

September 11, 2014

Selecting the right relocation supplier is critical for transferee satisfaction and cost containment.
Failure to make the right selection for the right reasons is very costly. You can ensure greater
success with these straightforward tips:

1) Understand the Business of Relocation. Knowledge of all aspects: e.g. terminology, policy & drivers, process - internal and current suppliers; industry service firms and revenue platforms.

2) Carefully identify internal team members. Who are the key stakeholders? HR. Procurement. Finance. Operations. Sales. VITR (Very Important Transferee Representative).

3) Define clearly and concisely what you expect to accomplish. Improved service: to transferees; to company. Cost containment or reduction. Better alignment of cultural compatibility. New industry service offerings. Benchmark program costs. Need to satisfy internal supplier review requirements.

4) Be very specific about your desired supplier. What do you have (won’t give up) and what is missing from current supplier(s)? What company attributes are required? E.g. size, culture, public, What specific “requirements” must be met? Clarity of what you have / want provides a roadmap to what you need to evaluate and consider in others.

5) Careful and Limited Selection of RFP Invitees. With clarity on the above items, you should be able to narrow your list to 5 or 6 strong contenders, including your current supplier.

6) Meaningful RFP Questions. Avoid securing general information that is boiler plate. Focus questions and craft scenarios that demonstrate the strengths you want to secure and weaknesses you want avoid.

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