Navigating Relocation Supplier RFPs

January 01, 2019

Relocation supplier RFPs are initiated for a variety of business reasons including:  (1) adding additional supplier (2) changing current supplier or (3) checking market and confirming current supplier still best fit.

These RFPs can be daunting. Typically internal resources in human resources and procurement are already stretched. It is a time-consuming project to do it right. And, often times, there is limited or no internal expertise specific to relocation RFPs and/or a comprehensive view of the relocation industry and supplier options.  HR&Relo Advisors brings to our clients the expertise and knowledge to deliver solutions that overcome these challenges and significantly improve results.

We find that most clients need a starting point.  What does or should the RFP process include?  Who should be involved? How do we organize, assign and manage who does what?

HR&Relo Advisors has prepared a Relocation Supplier RFP Guideline to help companies quickly and easily get acclimated. This guideline provides defined  and time-tested steps that provide collaborative discussion talking point as to the what as well as who is responsible but also a typically range of time that, from our experience, is assigned to a each area, though certtainly adjustable based upon specific client situation and needs.

When you are thinking of launching a relocation supplier RFP, we are happy to share this guideline with you at no cost and no obligation.  

The HR&Relo Advisor Team



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