It is Tax Time Again! Why Transferees Often Overpay

January 27, 2015

Most transferees know that certain moving expenses are deductible. And, the company has advised them that reimbursed expenses cannotbe taken “above the line” as deductions on their 1040.  The problem is that this statement may or may not be true---the key is how the company reimbursed...

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Stat Recap - 2014 Domestic US Moving & Migration Patterns

January 20, 2015

For employers and their employees who are “on the move”, migration stats provide insight into existing and future trends for general economicforecasting, housing prices and employment.

Studies by the “Big 3” (alpha) - Allied, Atlas, United, indicate the continued movement largely out of the northeast (New York, New Jersey) to the south - southwest...

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Rating Your Suppliers – Part Four of Four: Supplier Audits

January 13, 2015

Relocations, especially international, are far too complex and expensive to assume that the service suppliers are immune to billing errors or deviation from contractual administrative protocol.  The uniqueness of each relocation increases the likelihood of policy administration errors; which is exacerbated by exceptions to policy. The immense volume and complexity...

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