Rating Your Suppliers – Part Three of Four: Key Performance Indicators Assessment

January 06, 2015

Part Three of this four-part series focuses on assessing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs measure achievement (past performance) of operational standards and progress toward strategic objectives and continuous improvement.  Formal evaluation of a supplier’s performance includes objective and subjective ratings.  There are numerous evaluation templates to measure KPIs.  They...

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Rating Your Suppliers - Part Two of Four: Service Level Agreement Assessment

December 30, 2014

Service level agreements are documented, binding service performance standards.  SLAs, negotiated and mutually agreed between the company and each mobility supplier, define the guaranteed minimal level of service.  SLAs are the basis for evaluating a service provider’s performance.

Well-constructed SLAs will:

  • Create a common understanding of services, priorities and...

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Rating Your Suppliers – Part One of Four: Supplier and Policy Satisfaction Surveys

December 23, 2014

Ensuring policies are competitive and suppliers deliver quality services starts with performance criteria that are measured at regular intervals.  Four common assessment methods are Satisfaction Surveys; Mobility SLA Assessments; KPI Assessment and Audits.  Part One of this four-part series focuses on assessing the satisfaction of assignees/transferees and their managers.


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