Discretionary Home Sale Benefits

November 18, 2014

One of the changing paradigms is that executives (especially senior management) ought to live within some proximity to where they work.  The rapid advance of telecommunications, and the virtual office, has made telecommuting much less controversial in many companies.  

This new reality for new hires and current employees is they...

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Procurement – Strategic Business Partnership

November 10, 2014

Procurement, historically transactional and cost-focused, is transforming into a strategic advisory function that brings value far beyond cost savings. Procurement operations, of course, differ from company to company; the same as corporate culture and practices.  When Procurement is able to evolve their performance metrics beyond cost savings, there is great...

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Expatriate Social Networks and Online Communities

November 04, 2014

Building a new social network in the destination location is one of the most significant challenges facing an assignee/transferee (“expat”) and their family. The company mobility team can support their expats by ensuring they are aware of the various offerings of public social networks and online communities. ...

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