10 Key Foundational Check Points for a Relocation Policy

October 13, 2014

Whether you are developing a policy for the first time or conducting a current domestic, international or global policy review --information secured from these questions gives you an effective starting point.

  1. Where are your current/future work locations?
  2. Why/when do you relocate people?
  3. What type of relocations do you have / expect?
  4. What...

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6 Tips for a Successful RFP

September 11, 2014

Selecting the right relocation supplier is critical for transferee satisfaction and cost containment.
Failure to make the right selection for the right reasons is very costly. You can ensure greater
success with these straightforward tips:

1) Understand the Business of Relocation. Knowledge of all aspects: e.g. terminology,...

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Relocation Service Industry Pricing-Revenue Structures

September 04, 2014

A common question from buyers of relocation services - “How do you make money?” Depending on the type of service provider and/or type of services being provided, one or more of these common pricing structures may be used.

1)      Administrative / Service Fee for Specific Item:  a flat dollar amount or...

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