A Good Time to Review Relocation Policies

September 14, 2016

Generally speaking, real estate markets, as well the unemployment rate, are dramatically different today than they were just a few short years ago.  In all but a few U. S. markets, both of these independent factors have for some time been headed in the right direction; i.e. real estate values...

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Nuts & Bolts - Tax Equalization Settlements

August 18, 2016

Tax equalization is the most widely used approach toensure that employees do not suffer a significant financial loss or gain due to tax liability as a result of an international assignment. (See NUTS AND BOLTS – Expatriate Tax Treatment article).

A Tax Equalization Settlement is calculated at the tax year-end. Hypothetical tax...

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Expat Social Networks and Online Communities

July 14, 2016

Building a social community in a new location is a significant challenge facing expats and their family.  Mobile devices and digital networking is making this somewhat easier however the company’s mobility team can also extend support thru awareness of available public, on-line communities as well as through company-sponsored social networks...

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